Ways Of Ensuring That Your Website Is Relevant To Your Location

Ways Of Ensuring That Your Website Is Relevant To Your Location

Often regarded as the number one rule in real estate, this rule rings true when marketing real estate online. We all know that the more specific the search, the more relevant your webpage is to that search and the better your chances are of converting that visitor into a lead. This is where location really comes into the mix. Most property related searches that will lead to an enquiry will include an area, after all property remains an immovable asset.

This form of localised marketing, also known as geo targeting tends to be more successful for smaller companies where every effort can be concentrated on a single area. However it will continue to benefit businesses of all sizes with physical presence. An example of geo targeting would be ‘apartment for rent in Westville’ instead of simply ‘apartment for rent’ on its own.

Ways of ensuring that your website is relevant to your location and areas of service are:

  1. Being listed in local directories.
  2. Adding locally relevant news to your website.
  3. List your office, or offices on Google Places.
  4. Being featured or associated with other businesses in your area.
  5. Ensuring that your contact details are localised, including a full address or including the area code on your phone number.

By ensuring that you can be found for these longer, more specific searches, traffic to your website will also become better targeted and more specific to your business. This will steadily improve the conversion rate from simple website visitor to active lead over time.