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Attract the Right Customer with Inbound Marketing

Would you like to attract the right customers without having to sift through unqualified 'leads' that won't convert into actual sales? If the answer is...

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Exploring Your Options: Landing Pages and Microsites

Tags: Websites

Your real estate company has decided to sell off-plan properties for a brand new development and need to get a comprehensive mailing list of potential...

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Are You Taking Advantage of Display?

When browsing the web or using mobile apps, have you ever noticed the various types of ads out there? Because one size does not fit all, Google Display...
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Google Display Network: Relevant Ads, Better Results

Waiting for prospects to find you may not always cut it, so you need to ‘hit the digital pavement’ and make sure that your message reaches them where...
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Target the Right Audience at the Right Time through Segmented Mailing Lists

Email marketing is considered one of the most effective and affordable marketing techniques to mass communicate your brand message. It enables you to...
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The Future of Email Marketing for the Property Market

With approximately 269 billion emails sent each day between businesses and everyday people, email marketing continues to transform in new and better...
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Marketing to Millennials

To some, the word “Millennial” sounds like a dirty word. The “M” word, let’s call it. Unfortunately, being associated with this word comes with a few...

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The Importance of Thumb-Stopping Content

Buying or selling a home involves a lot of emotional and subjective decisions. Before these transactions even take place, real estate professionals...

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The 80/20 Rule: Invest Wisely in PPC

One of the most popular and effective advertising methods used in online real estate marketing is pay-per-click. However, if not implemented correctly...
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SEO vs PPC: Owning vs Renting Your Lead Generation

Organic traffic versus paid advertising has been a source of debate ever since AdWords joined the search engine marketing party in 2000. And marketers...
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