Real Estate Remarketing with Google Ads

Real Estate Remarketing with Google Ads

We’ve covered Google’s Search and Display Ads in the past and how they can be effective in brand promotion and awareness, particularly to those that may not know of your company.  Remarketing of these ads helps you reconnect with past visitors to your website.

What is remarketing?
Remarketing lets you show ads to people who have visited your website. Remarketing helps you reconnect with past visitors by showing relevant ads as they browse the internet or even as they search on Google.

The most basic, standard way to remarket is to reach all the visitors to your website. This means that anyone who visits your website can see your remarketed ads. This form of standard remarketing shows your ads to past visitors as they browse other websites that use Google’s display ads.

Dynamic remarketing takes this even further by including the products, listings or services that past visitors have viewed on your website within the ads. While dynamic remarketing works a little differently, taking additional steps it can deliver customized, higher performing ads.

Dynamic ads can be returned to people who have interacted with a particular part of your website or made a particular action such as viewing a video, downloading a document and so on. By tracking the action a visitor takes, ads can match these interactions, the visitor can be returned the most relevant ads.

How does it work?
As people browse certain Google services and websites that have partnered with the Google Display Network, Google stores a number in their browsers (using a "cookie") to remember their visits. This number uniquely identifies a web browser on a specific computer, not a person. This number allows Google’s ads to remember the browser and tailor Google services for that browser. This is similar to how you able to login to a system once and return time and again without having to re-enter your login details.

By storing this number the Google Display Ad system can tailor the ads to best match your previous intent. In this way Google is able to return the last listing a visitor to your website may have viewed or link back to a particular set of listings.

Why remarket your ads to people who have already been to your website?
By remarketing your ads to past visitors you’re able to continue a relationship that may just be beginning or continue to promote your services to those that have already shown interest in your company but not necessarily become an active lead. Remarketed ads are also considerably better at converting the potential lead as these are can be tailored to match the searchers original intent, while continue to promote your brand through regular display.