Remarketing For Real Estate

people carrying houses in idea clouds
people carrying houses in idea clouds

Remarketing For Real Estate

A potential buyer visits your real estate website, browses through your current listings and then clicks away without making an enquiry or buying a house. As a property professional you know that this person could be a potential sale – if not today, then sometime in the future. But how do you remind that person about your real estate business and keep your brand front of mind until he or she is ready to buy? 

The answer is Reminder Marketing or Remarketing.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a very effective way to connect with those website visitors who may not have taken immediate action the first time they clicked on your website. It allows you to reach a highly targeted audience of people, who have previously visited your website, with tailored adverts - based on the pages and content they have viewed.  Your adverts can follow this selected audience around on the web as they browse other high traffic websites or social media sites, reminding them of your brand, your real estate services or new property listings in a specific geographic area of interest.

Many real estate agencies find this to be a very beneficial and cost-effective form of digital advertising, as it is a great way to keep your real estate brand fresh in the minds of your target audience.  

How does it Work?

When remarketing, a special tracking code is used to “follow” your website visitors as they continue to browse the internet and displays adverts that line-up with pages they have visited on your website. The goal is to target individuals, who have already shown some interest in your real estate business, as they are more inclined to react positively to your remarketing efforts. 

As with other pay-per-click advertising campaigns, you are only charged once a visitor has clicked on an advert and visited your website. Therefore remarketing has the ability to yield fantastic results, provided that you are continually and properly maintaining your paid online advertising campaigns. However, remarketing is not a substitution, but works to enhance your existing advertising – so ensure that you continually drive high-quality traffic to your website, so that you can build up a responsive audience.

With retargeting you can redefine your objective, based on gathered historical data, and resend these tailored ads to a more specific target audience. For example, if a certain amount of people are interested in two bedroom apartments in a specific neighbourhood, you can choose to only display adverts with these specifications to them. Retargeting is therefore directed at visitors who are further along in the conversion channel - those who may have signed up for your property email newsletter or have showed clear interest in specific listings within a specific geographic location. 

What are my options?

There are two main types of remarketing campaigns, namely Google AdWords and Facebook. Whilst both forms of remarketing follow a similar goal - Google AdWords and Facebook remarketing differs slightly. Both forms of remarketing involve placing a tracking code or “pixel” on the website which tracks website visitors as they browse from page to page. Google AdWords remarketing involves displaying adverts to previous website visitors across third party websites, usually in the form of banner adverts. However, Facebook remarketing involves displaying adverts to previous website visitors across Facebook only. 

Using remarketing and retargeting to better promote your real estate business, is a great way to create brand awareness, better engage with your audience and ultimately drive repeat traffic back to your website and convert more leads.