8 Reasons You Need Google My Business

8 Reasons You Need Google My Business

We have recently covered the importance of localised search and simply being found with more and more online transactions taking place on mobile devices.

Google being the largest online directory of businesses recognised the need for these businesses to return their information in a regular format.  As Google+ was rolled out, Google shifted from what was a restrictive map listing to a more in-depth business listing, “Google My Business”.

Here are eight reasons why you not only want to be found on Google My Business but why you need to be listed on this service.

1. Show Up on the Web:
When you’ve completed the setup of your “Google My Business” listing, you make it easier for potential clients to find information about your business.  Here you can convey useful information such as office ours, contact information or directions.

2. Get on the Map:
Your verified business information can appear in Google Maps or localised searches.  This quickly helps potential clients to find directions to your offices as well as the relevant contact details (more important to those with multiple offices) as well as ratings or reviews of your business.

3. Stand out on Google+:
By creating a “Google My Business” account and ensuring the relevant information is available, a Google+ page is automatically created.  Here strong reviews or quality images of your business or related services can help your business stand out to other online users.

4. Sharing the Right Information:
Your “Google My Business” can be updated as often as you like.  From your Google My Business account you can quickly update things like your contact number, business description or website URL to mention a few things.  Should you wish to rebrand or simply change your business hours this can be done quickly and will reflect almost instantly.

5. Be Found Across Devices:
Potential clients can find your business on computers, mobile phones and tablets.  Whether searching at home or on the go, potential leads will have access to the same reliable information about your business.

6. Start a conversation with your people:
Google My Business helps you to build a loyal fan base through your Google+ page.  Here past and potential clients can add or view reviews, endorse your content through the use of the +1 button or share your Google+ posts across the web.

7. Instant Interaction:
By ensuring that your information is accurate, users can have driving or walking directions delivered directly to them, while mobile users can simply click to call you directly from your Google My Business listing.

8. It is Local:
Google My Business is aimed at helping localised businesses reach their community.  Integration into Google Maps as well as your localised contact details such as address or area dialling code quickly matches your business to those searching in your area. 

It is free.  A Google My Business listing can be created by anyone with a Google Account.

Google being the largest search engine and known directory of services is most people’s first stop when searching for information, services or products.  The more information you can offer Google the more information it can send out to its users.  So get your business on Google My Business today and enjoy the benefits of being found on multiple devices and numerous different ways.