What is a homepage — and why it matters

home sweet home doormat
home sweet home doormat

What is a homepage — and why it matters

In real estate, you know the importance of curb appeal. Properties with landscaped green spaces, sparkling windows, and a freshly painted door score more interest from prospective buyers and renters. The same applies to your website. When someone lands on your website, you want to impress them with your brand and have them exploring what you have to offer. A well-designed homepage acts as a welcome mat for your website with an important role in the lead-conversion process.

What is a homepage?

A homepage is the default page or front page of a website. It will be the page that displays when the web address only containing the domain name is loaded e.g. www.companyname.com. While any page on your website can be the initial point of entry, you will often find your homepage is the starter page for your website visitors.

Google Search Console can reveal how well your homepage is performing for traffic. In the platform, simply click on the “Performance” tab, click on “Pages”, and sort by clicks. Your homepage is likely to be at the top of the results.

Why your homepage matters

It’s true that your website visitors don’t always land on your homepage first. They can access different parts of your website directly through search engines, email links, social media sites, remarketing, and other channels. However, you will find a sizable amount of traffic starting their journey with your brand on your homepage.

Besides greeting your website visitors, the homepage provides a central point for your website’s navigation. A good homepage helps your visitors find the information they need whether it’s properties for sale or rent, your services, company profile, or property news. By directing them, they’re able to quickly move down the funnel and potentially convert into a client.

Your homepage also tends to draw a lot of organic backlinks. When another website such as a media company mentions your real estate agency or brokerage, they will often link to your website. This brings in referral traffic to your website.

What goes on your homepage

As your homepage is generally the first point of entry to your website, its function should be to introduce your visitor to your brand and direct them to where they need to go. The layout depends on your goals and budget. Generally, real estate companies have these featured on their homepages:

Logo: Placing your logo at the top helps you reinforce your brand. It can also be made clickable so your website visitors can use it to return to the homepage.

Navigation: A user-friendly navigation menu helps your website visitor reach parts of the website they’re interested in.

Search box: An easy-to-spot search box can help your website visitors find properties in seconds.

Welcome note: Write a short and persuasive introduction about your company, its services, areas of specialisation, and what sets you apart from your competition.

Featured properties: You can help your best properties attract even more attention with a prime position in a slide show menu.

Calculators: Prospective homebuyers often need to know if they can afford to buy a property. Placing this on the homepage can assist them without effort.

Testimonials: Inspire trust from your website visitors by displaying success stories or recommendations from previous clients.

Virtual walkthroughs: Use your homepage to show off any video footage you’ve taken of your properties.

News and advice: By featuring your latest blog posts, you can show the value you bring to the table as a real estate business.

Newsletter subscription: Your newsletter is an important part of marketing your products and services - including it on your homepage boosts sign-ups.

Contact information: Your homepage should contain a link to your contact information page so potential clients can easily reach you.

Social media links: By including links to your social media platforms, you can offer further online proof why you’re the go-to real estate company.

Affiliations: Cement your credibility by including logos of relevant bodies you’re members of or associated with.

It can be tempting to overpopulate your homepage. Remember, information overload is real. Too much can overwhelm or confuse your website visitor to the point where they leave your website. Include only that which will help them reach their goals.

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