Brand Every Email

branded email
branded email

Brand Every Email

Every email that is sent from your office is a potential branding opportunity to create attention in your client’s inbox and drive high quality traffic to your website.

Email is now the most common form of written business communication, yet many people aren’t maximising the potential to further promote their brand with this tool.  No matter if you are a one-person business or a large national corporation, using branded email stationery in electronic communications is one of the most effective and yet inexpensive tools you can use.

Would you consider ever sending a business letter on a plain page?  Yet many do exactly that when they send a plain text email.  Branded email stationery formatted with a consistent, professional look and feel acts in many regards as a business letterhead. Just as printed stationery and business cards offer the opportunity to more effectively promote your brand in the marketplace, so does branded email.

Key points to consider when branding your email:

  1. A clean, consistent layout design conveys professionalism
  2. Your logo is an invaluable tool that reflects your corporate image, be sure to show it.
  3. Include your personal and office contact details
  4. Your email stationery can be further personalised to include your photo, a link to your listings or a link to your office on Google Maps.
  5. Include links to your website and social media channels, allowing recipients to reach additional useful or relevant information.

Formatted for maximum professional impact, branded email stationery is most effective when it looks and behaves the same on all commonly used email clients, is in a generally accepted business format and when sent from an individual, is personalised for the sender.  Individual email stationaries should include personal contact information and job title.  This will simply make it easier to reach the sender.

Prop Data has recently launched an email stationery generator allowing the users to generate their own branded email stationeries.  Prop Data will provide you with an email stationery template that accurately reflects your corporate identity and incorporates your office contact details and a link to your website and social media sites. You will then be able to generate personalised email stationery on demand for your users through the Prop Data Management System and send the stationery files with setup instructions directly to the user.

Every business email you send is an opportunity to make an impact, a chance to put forth a positive, memorable, best impression of you and your business. Non-descript, impersonal, and haphazard looking emails don’t create the impression your business needs in order to grow and prosper. Branded email, on the other hand, leaves a strong, professional, dynamic impression with each and every email you send.