Bulk emailing benefits: claim your spot in client inboxes

Prop Data's bulk mailing service
Prop Data's bulk mailing service

Bulk emailing benefits: claim your spot in client inboxes

Bulk emailing, also known as mass emailing, is a marketing strategy that involves sending large volumes of emails to a large number of recipients at once. While it might seem counterintuitive, bulk emailing can be highly beneficial if you’re looking to generate leads, promote services, build brand awareness, and connect with your target audience. 

Sending bulk emails to your entire network ensures everyone is up-to-date without the fuss — a more efficient way to share information. If you’ve put effort into building your subscriber database, bulk-emailing provides a range of benefits:

Connect effectively with your audience 

With smartphones being a constant companion for many people, mass email offers marketers a powerful tool: direct access to their customers' pockets. Think about when your phone buzzes with an email notification — it's easy to be lured into dropping whatever you're doing and checking it out. You can engage your audience with mass email because of its immediacy and accessibility and that’s where bulk emailing shines as part of the customer or client experience.

Get better insights to adapt your campaigns

With mass email, you can gain useful insights without putting in any extra work, unlike with traditional tactics such as printed direct mail or newspaper advertisements. Many variables, including the number of recipients, open rates, click-throughs, and even the precise activities performed inside the email, can be automatically tracked with the help of email analytics.

Mass email analytics make it easy for companies to collect useful information. Among these measures are the amount of receivers, the percentage of recipients who opened the email, the percentage of recipients who clicked through to a specific link inside the email, and so on. For instance, it can track the receivers' actions such as link clicks, page views, and purchases.

Enjoy email segmentation and automation

Despite emailing by mass, bulk mailing allows you to segment your mailing list into small groups and according to criteria like geography or preferred properties. Your property mailings should suit each group's needs and what they like to see. So, instead of taking a cookie-cutter approach, it's more like showing them houses that fit their exact needs, which makes the whole house-hunting process feel more personalised to the buyer.

This email hyper-personalisation helps to make content more engaging. Sending personalised emails increases open and engagement rates, which in turn improves the user experience overall.

Bulk mailing can also be automated to send time or action-triggered emails to subscribers with relevant information. For example, suppose a client signs up for a newsletter as a renter. In that case, you can send them (and similar clients) specific emails with your rental listings, services, and helpful news articles related to the rental process. 

Reach your audience easily and affordably

Another advantage of bulk email marketing is its ease of implementation. Setting up these email campaigns is remarkably straightforward and doesn't demand advanced skills or specialised equipment. If you’re unsure about the design, ready-made email templates can be an excellent starting point depending on your service provider.

Examples of bulk email campaigns

Automated email marketing has become a must-have tool for businesses looking to streamline their marketing efforts. You save time and ensure that your followers receive the right message at the right time, making email campaigns more effective.

You can send bulk emails to your audience while customising some sections based on the receiver using dynamic content capabilities. As a result, the message is more likely to resonate with the person. Publishers that send out newsletters on a regular basis, for instance, have the option to personalise the content seen by each subscriber. Here are examples of real estate emails that can be bulk sent:

• Welcome letters
• Newsletters
• Property email alerts
• Promotional emails

Best way to send a bulk email

Bulk emailing is a great way for real estate businesses to reach their audience and engage with them. For it to work well, however, it's important to follow some good practices. You can ensure secure delivery of your emails by using trustworthy email providers.

Another good tip is to follow the ISPA rules, This helps maintain ethical standards and keeps your emails from being marked as spam. Consider it a guide to good email behaviour.

Segmenting your email list is a bulk emailing best practice. It's like organising your contacts based on who really wants to hear from you. It's a key in email marketing that allows you to send personalised content to different groups. This way, you can make your emails more relevant and engaging for your audience.

Your message, front and centre in every inbox

Looking to set up bulk mailing for your real estate business? With Prop Data’s Bulk Mailing Module, you can create bulk mailing templates and bulk mail your contact database with hyper-targeted listing and brand messaging content. Tags and comprehensive filtering ensure you keep it personal and focused on only who you want to.