Are You Taking Advantage of Display?

Are You Taking Advantage of Display?

When browsing the web or using mobile apps, have you ever noticed the various types of ads out there? Because one size does not fit all, Google Display Ads gives you the opportunity to convey your messages by using different types of Display Ads. 

Display Ads have come very far from the rudimental text and banner ads of old. Growing in popularity at a rapid rate, this type of online advertising has become commonplace in online marketing and you are now able to choose the best way to reach your target audience. Whether it be through text, video, images or animated advertising.

Although there are various ad formats, display advertising can be divided into two main categories, namely static and animated.

Static vs Animated  Display Ads

Firstly, let's look at Static Display Ads. These adverts are still advertisement, with no animation or movement. Following guidelines on size and formatting, these ads are generally simple call-to-actions consisting; text, images and the company's logo.  

* If you want to convey a simple message, a static ad with an eye-catching visual is a great way to deliver this message in one go.

On the other hand, animated display ads have images and text that move or change. Functioning differently to static ads, animated ads feature immersive designs that better displays to engage the user. These types of adverts generally come in three different formats (GIF, flash and HTML 5) - allowing the company to deliver more information in a video-like experience.

* If you want to promote brand awareness and elicit a conversation about your business, interesting animated ads should be used.

Both ad types can be very effective if used properly. By evaluating your business’ goals, objectives, advertising budget and where you would like your ads to display - you will be able to decide which type would be the most effective and leverage your ads to yield the best results.

Although there are many applications for display advertising, one of the most advantageous ways to use it is through remarketing.

Using Display Ads for Remarketing

Display Ads are great remarketing tools. One minute you have a window shopper, the next a buyer. After a potential client has left your website, display remarketing works to re-engage with that person, through targeted messages in the right context at the right time.

When you implement programmatic remarketing, you can tag specific pages on your real estate website that you would like to target. In doing so, you can show your adverts to people who have already shown interest in your business - increasing the potency of said ads.

For example: if you would like to promote your services, you can tag the related page so that someone who has already visited that page will see your 'services ad' when they browse the web. Making it more likely for them to click on your ad.

There have been great advancements in the types of display ads available to marketers today, accommodating specific targeting and techniques to help you get the most out of your advertising campaign. If you would like to find out what type of display ad is right for your business and want to benefit from this effective advertising tool, give us a call today.