Google Display Network: Relevant Ads, Better Results

fish being lured by worm
fish being lured by worm

Google Display Network: Relevant Ads, Better Results

When it comes down to using AdWords for your real estate business, many companies may completely rely on Google’s Search Network, which is in itself a great tool to connect to potential clients who are already interested in the kind of services that your brand has to offer. But what about those who are not actively searching, can you really afford to miss out on these potential clients? Waiting for prospects to find you may not always cut it, so you need to ‘hit the digital pavement’ and make sure that your message reaches them where they are. 

Enter the Google Display Network.

The Google Display Network (GDN) is by far the largest global display ad network that works across desktop, mobile and applications to reach your audiences. It is estimated that GDN has a 90% reach of all internet users over roughly 100 countries worldwide. 

So what is the Google Display Network (GDN)?

The Google Display Network is a term used to describe all of the online platforms and places where your AdWords Display Ads (traditionally banner ads served by Google’s Ad Network to qualified third party websites) can appear. This network is made up of millions of popular websites, mobile apps and a bunch of other online destinations - where prospective clients are already spending their time.

The great thing about using the Google Display Network is that you don’t have to wait for clients to actively search for your business or visit your website before seeing your ads. 

How Does that Work? 

Designed to help you find the right audience for your business, GDN allows you to strategically show your messages to potential clients at the right time in the right place, through its targeting options. These options include the exact type of audience and website you would like your ad to display on. Then GDN will then use your attention-grabbing visual ads and match them to websites with content relating to your tailored targeting. 

Let’s take a look at how a typical real estate business would use the Display Network:

Company X specialises in holiday homes in Cape Town and has created an image ad that exhibits a newly listed property in Bantry Bay. Because Company X already uses and advertises on the Google Search Network, they are able to use their existing list of keywords to get their Display Ads up and running. AdWords will then match the image ad to various Display Network web pages, based on this list and other targeting factors. Meaning that Company X’s advert can show up on blogs, websites and forums relating to vacationing in Cape Town and holiday homes.

Another way in which Company X manages their display ads is through the topics function. By selecting particular topics, they are able to pick and choose the theme of the types of websites, videos and blogs where they would like their ads to display. Company X uses topics to target Cape Town holiday themed web pages. 

With more and more real estate companies joining the Google Display Network and benefiting from it, can you really afford to miss out? If you want to promote your real estate website on popular websites with rich visual media, contact us today and we will help you join the Display Network revolution.