Five Unusual Sources for Web Traffic

Five Unusual Sources for Web Traffic

In recent weeks we’ve covered various best practices of search optimisation, email and paid online marketing.  There are however numerous other methods of generating traffic to your website that are often overlooked.  While less likely to generate the volumes of traffic the above mentioned sources, these may help improve the overall quality of traffic to your website, improving the likelihood of a conversion from visitor into client.

Below we cover five different sources or mediums that could be leveraged to not only generate more traffic but to encourage others to help increase traffic to your website.

Industry Related Directories and Associations:

Most industries have a board or collective association that helps regulate said industry.  These associations often have their own internal directories that are open to the public.  These help assure those entering into business with a member that they comply with a certain code of ethics.  As such these directories already carry an air of authority as well as an endorsement for those listed.  By ensuring that your website can be reached from these directories, you’re not only helping drive traffic to your website but pre-qualified visitors to your website.


There are many image specific search engines and directories where images are, frequently shared, searched or referenced.  Watermarked or otherwise branded images may be used on other platforms with creative commons licences under permission.  In this manner other web users can help promote your brand though regular use of your materials. 

Case Studies:

Case studies are useful to all in an industry.  Be it as an informative piece or as something to use as a benchmark, a case study is often shared with others.  By offering your information in an easily sharable format online, not only can your information reach an ever expanding audience but also draw visitors back to your website.  These may be visitors searching for more information or looking do to business with your company.  Sharing of information also offers visitors additional reason for interaction with your business which may also help with promoting your company through the word-of-mouth.


The line between off-line and online is continually being blurred or broken down entirely.  There are numerous advantages of combining these two mediums.  Often a print ad or magazine run has a relatively short lifespan; promoting your website through these publications you’ll be able to promote your brand while offering web users up to date details on services and other offerings.

Online Interaction:

Online interaction on other platforms such as industry related blogs and news websites can help drive traffic back to your own website.  By leaving relevant or thought provoking comments on these websites you may quickly establish yourself as a valued commentator or member for the community strengthening your brand in the process.  With regular interaction other web users over time will cite your comments or other pieces that you’ve added online, including your own website.

While we do expect the bulk of your web traffic to come through the more traditional methods, by improving your interaction online and offering more opportunity for other web users to share your work you are widening your online reach.  Over time diversifying you online presence you’ll reduce reliance on any single source which will only benefit your business over time.