Evergreen Content

Evergreen Content

Onsite content can be divided into two general categories, evergreen content and trending content. Just like the name indicates, evergreen web content stays useful season to season, year to year with little or no need for upkeep. Trending content generally covers a specific event or change in a market. While trending articles may bring in substantial volumes of traffic as the story breaks this can quickly fade as the article becomes out-dated or irrelevant.

Evergreen content is so valuable is because it continues to work for you long after you first publish it. Quality articles may rank well for related search terms, and as these terms are searched for regularly over time these articles will become reliable sources of traffic. Evergreen content is powerful for building a brand, building an audience and marketing a business online.

In real estate there are numerous resources that can be considered evergreen, such as:

  1. Property selling guides that offer advice on how to present a property (example).
  2. Step by step guides covering services or procedures such as the conveyancing process (example).
  3. A real estate glossary which can be grown over time (example).

A few tips on creating useful evergreen content that should aid your overall online marketing efforts:

  1. Build content based on keywords and themes that best reflect a particular service that you may offer.
  2. Make your content as in-depth as it can be. Extensive articles are often cited as a reference helping to generate inbound links to your website.
  3. Include visualisations, such as a related image. This which help increase interest from website visitors and email subscribers.
  4. Aim to have the best content about a certain subject in your industry’s online sphere. This will help establish you as an authority in this area while continuously attracting traffic and increasing website activity.

Evergreen content generates constant traffic from a variety of sources, notably from natural links, search and social shares. These articles will continue to generate visitors that will further help market your website and your business by linking to your website, sharing your articles, subscribing to newsletters or following you on social networks.

Given that your content will continuously drive traffic to itself; there will be an ever increasing number of potential clients will also be assured that given the quality of your content that you are an expert in your field – a topic or service that they are actively searching for. These articles can also help improve the conversion rate by including calls-to-action where the reader can easily see. Evergreen content should be used as a marketing strategy to create sustainable traffic, brand growth and increase the authority of your website.