A Better Way to Introduce Yourself as an Agent

suit with name tag
suit with name tag

A Better Way to Introduce Yourself as an Agent

A personal agent profile is something that is often overlooked until you urgently need to send one to a prospective client and you have to come up with one on the spot. As more prospects start their search online – your bio is vital to your success. Even if a buyer or seller decides to use your agency, how certain are you that they will want to work with you instead of another agent? A well-thought-out, short agent bio is a prominent tool for generating more clients. So in order to attract more business and be the agent, they want to work with you have to have a killer agent bio.

So how do you go about creating this powerful promotional tool? 

Include Your Professional Story 

Let them know that you are the expert when it comes to real estate, so make sure to highlight your expertise, skills, experience, awards and education. Start by generating a list of what you would like to include and what would show you off in the best light, only include your best achievements. Add just enough of professional background to connect with your audience and consider including testimonials.

Add Your Personal Touch

If you had to choose someone to work with and the candidate had the same interest as you, would you not feel more inclined to select them over the others? Because people connect with people, your bio shouldn’t be too formal. Add some insight into who you are as a person, outside of your work, in doing so your clients won’t just see you as an agent but rather a real person.

Be Truthful and Explain the Benefits

Honesty makes for the best agent biography. As a real estate agent, you have to help your clients with some of the biggest financial and life decisions they are ever likely to make. It is important for them to trust you throughout this process and know what they will be getting out of working with you instead of other agents. Let them know why they should trust you and remember to be transparent.

Link Yourself to an Area

You know the area you operate in better than anyone else. When a client is looking for property in a specific neighbourhood they are more likely to choose to work with someone who is a local area specialist. Make sure that you demonstrate your knowledge about the area, why you love it and why they should buy property here.

Keep it Short and Simple

No one wants to read lengthy essays when looking for a real estate agent, so your agent bio needs to be short and sweet. If it is too long your reader may lose interest and you could potentially lose out on a lead. 

Don’t Write it Yourself

 If you have ever tried writing about yourself you know how difficult it can be. Because you may not feel comfortable writing your bio, the quality could suffer and not be as good as it can be. Therefore it is a great idea to seek out help from a professional agency or person who is well versed in writing bios. This will ensure that you get the best results from clients.

A professionally written agent bio plays an important part in building rapport and trust with prospective clients, ultimately generating more leads. By following the guidelines above you can ensure that you get noticed and effectively introduce yourself to your audience. We offer a range of content creation services to ensure that your bio accurately reflects who you are as an agent. Contact us today for more information.