Stand Out By Building A Powerful Personal Brand

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Stand Out By Building A Powerful Personal Brand

Real estate is more competitive than ever before. Thanks to the advancements that technology has made to the industry, buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants now have thousands of agents to research and choose from online. With so many options available to them, how do you get prospective clients to pick you as the property professional they want to work with? 

In order to attract more clients and close more deals, you have to go the extra mile and stand out from the crowd. It is no longer enough to just be the best salesperson, rely on traditional advertising avenues or cold call leads alone. These days you have to ensure that you become, a valuable resource of property information, form authentic relationships with clients and prospects, but most importantly, you have to reach prospective clients where they are actively starting their property or agent search.

To truly set yourself apart from other players in the field, you have to invest in building a powerful personal brand.

What is a Personal Brand?

Personal branding is the practice of promoting yourself with the aim of advancing your real estate career. When you are efficiently managing your personal brand, you will create a recognisable persona in the industry, establish a trusted professional name, gain more leads and ultimately close more deals.

Before you even meet with new clients they will already have formed an impression of you, based on your branding. This creates an opportunity for you to put your best foot forward and differentiate yourself from other agents.

Personal Brand Agent Website

If potential clients search for you online, what will they find? You may already be listed on your real estate company’s website and think that this is sufficient, but do you really want prospects to be pointed to a website that is crowded by other agents? 

Having a professionally designed, personal agent website will give you the opportunity to introduce yourself and promote your expertise to potential clients. While it is important to highlight your experience, your website should be more than just a list of services that you offer. Ensure that your website; tells your professional story, reflects your values as an agent, offers useful information that prospects would not find anywhere else and contains testimonials from satisfied clients. This will not only allow you to differentiate yourself and connect with potential clients on a personal level, but it will also improve your reputation and standing in the industry. 

As a real estate agent you have to actively participate in creating, managing and building your personal brand in order to stay ahead of the competition. Take control of how you are viewed in the marketplace by investing in a great personal agent website that will; reinforce your brand, grab attention, establish your expertise in the field and make you the real estate agent people choose.