Property Search on the Move

Property Search on the Move

2016 has heralded a giant leap toward a more integrated and streamlined mobile generation. Smartphones have evolved to become an important factor in our daily lives as they effortlessly deliver a broad range of services that previously seemed impossible such as, banking and shopping from the palm of our hands. The property market has also greatly benefitted from this ‘leap’ as it has enabled real estate companies to provide their website visitors with a truly mobile property search experience

A good real estate mobile website (mobi site), not only takes the size and type of mobile devices into consideration, but also employs touch and geolocation based technology to help visitors easily locate properties and estate agents nearby. 

How does a Mobile Website Serve Your Real Estate Company?

Properties Near Me

Visitors searching for nearby properties can do so by simply clicking on the “properties near me” button on a real estate company’s home or property search page.  Mobi sites with compatible browsers are able to return a list of property results that are within a specific location range, allowing for homes to be found in the same neighbourhood or ones you’re passing through. This is a savvy tool for a real estate company as it allows visitors to uncover a range of available properties in a desired location. Once an ideal home has been found a visitor can give the listing agent a call or add them to a contact list with the simple touch of a button. Google Maps will allow a visitor to receive directions to an agent’s office, with distance and travelling time included. 

On Show Near Me

Properties on show are also just a click away. This means that visitors can move from location to location, viewing homes that are on show, whilst Google Maps navigates the way. By “house hopping” visitors get to decipher which properties are best suited to them as they are able to make clear comparisons. 

Call Agent or Save to Contacts

An effective mobi site will allow a visitor to call an agent while viewing a listing they are interested in. In addition, the remedial task of writing a number down is no longer needed. Now visitors can simply touch a button and download a virtual business card that saves to their phone’s contacts directory and access it whenever they need to get in contact with an agent. 

Branches Nearby

Mapped real estate branches are found effortlessly with a mobi site. The “branch near me” search button will locate the nearest office to the visitor and provide directions to the front door. Visitors can also see what the office looks like by using Google’s Street View option. In addition, they can also search listings that have been added by a branch or contact them easily by either calling them directly from the page or storing the office contact details. 

High Resolution Images

Quality images on a mobi site are vital since mobile screens are much smaller. To achieve this effect mobile websites need to resize and display images in their highest resolution, suited to a variety of screen sizes. Good images allow visitors to view a property in the best light and this increases the possibility of prompting a mobile enquiry. The ideal image needs to be seen in its entirety and as large as possible.  

With over 50% of users searching for property on their smartphones and other mobile devices, it is vital that you incorporate the above features and offer your website visitors a truly mobile property search experience. Prop Data's Mobi Sites are specifically designed to enhance the user's experience and provide an effective marketing tool in an age where “property is on the move”.