The brochure - more than a boring A4

mockup ideas of brochures
mockup ideas of brochures

The brochure - more than a boring A4

Print marketing and property brochures still play an important role in modern day real estate marketing. Because a brochure is a tangible item, potential clients could pick it up a few weeks later and then be persuaded to enlist your expert services. And while online marketing should be the basis of your advertising strategy, as more prospects start their property search online than ever before - print can go a long way to fortify your digital efforts, helping you build even more credibility as an agent or brand.

By utilising a professionally designed, cohesively branded real estate brochure to market your listings - you can improve the number of leads you generate. Custom brochures are much more than mere pieces of paper with some details on it. A custom brochure can be multiple pages, be formatted in a variety of layouts and include any property information available on your management system.

What Can You Dynamically Generate?

When compared to other forms of traditional print marketing and even some types of digital, a brochure has a multitude of different uses. They can be emailed, mailed, handed out and used at various locations. Being able to use brochures in so many different ways, makes them extremely versatile and cost-effective.

Let’s take a look at what you can generate your custom brochures for.

  1. Place your brochures in a brochure holder at the entrance of a home on show day. This way you can reach people who have shown a physical interest in the property.
  2. Email your professionally designed brochure to leads who have shown interest in properties on your real estate website. You can tailor the information to what the recipient will find relevant.
  3. You can also send your brochure as a reply to an inquiry about a property or properties in a specific location.
  4. Brochures can serve as a practical sales tool for presentations or development launches - as it contains a summarised version of the property’s particulars.
  5. You can print your custom brochures in formats which allows them to be used as window displays for your offices.
  6. Distribute these marketing materials by dropping them in prospects’ post boxes in a specific neighbourhood.
  7. Use them as marketing posters, that you can put up on communal notice boards, lamp posts and other public areas for potential clients to see.

What Are the Benefits of Property Brochures?

Apart from their undeniable versatility, custom property brochures offer some other benefits to you, the agent or agency.

Generate Immediately

With all your listing information captured into a centralised management system, you are able to instantly create polished brochures at a click of a button. You can also choose the listing you would like to feature and what content to include. With your property brochures automatically generated, you can save time and market your listing more effectively. Gaining a competitive advantage and making more sales.

Be More Recognisable

When your brochure matches the branding of your digital marketing material you create a cohesive image of your real estate business. This helps you to stand out from your competition and positions your listings in a positive and professional light.

When designed professionally, branded consistently and executed properly your real estate brochure can help your business generate more qualified lead and increase your conversion rate. If you have any questions about how you can get a custom property brochure template, that you can use to reach even more potential clients, call us on 031 266 0035 or get in touch today.