Is Your Real Estate Template Website Working For You?

Is Your Real Estate Template Website Working For You?

As more and more real estate agencies and companies move online the method of developing and deploying websites has become more streamlined over time.  Part of this streamlining would include the use of a template when developing a website. 

Many of these template websites are developed on well-known widely used platforms such as WordPress or Joomla.  This allows the developer to easily apply a template to a website or update it accordingly in a shorter time than custom designed websites may take.

Is a template website the right choice for your real estate agency?  Are you currently making use of a template website and is it working for your real estate agency?


Reasons to consider a template website:


Quick to deploy:
When using a base template it is often much quicker to develop and deploy a website with a consistent theme.  Instead of developing each and every page, your theme need only be applied to the template and carried through the rest of the website.

Easy to use:
Most website templates are developed with best practices in mind; as such they are usually developed with the end user in mind offering the best possible user experience.

Updates are usually easy and quick:
Updates are easy to apply and required little programming knowledge if any.

Easy to move:
Many website templates will work on the large known platforms such as WordPress.  Websites developed on this kind of platform can easily be moved from one host to the next.


Reasons a template website may not be for you:


Limited functionality:
As with all products there is a limit to what can be achieved with a templated website.  Often a template has a limit of additional features that can be added or may require extensive coding to bring the website up to the level of functionality desired.

Limited design influence:
Working within a templated structure, the website may not be able to accommodate certain design elements or functionality.

Lack a unique look and feel:
As will all template websites, there may be certain elements that are carried across all websites using that particular template, this may give the impression that your website may simply be a copy of another.

Platform dependent:
Making use of a template may leave your website dependent on the platform it was developed on.  While you can replicate the look and feel on another platform, moving the template website may be difficult to do.


How do you know if your template website is working for you?


Prop Data templated websites are aimed solely at the real estate industry.  As such all functionality is aimed at the real estate industry, be it residential, commercial or holiday letting.  This ensures that they offer the best possible experience to those searching for property.  We are also regularly updating the core product ensuring that each website remains as up to date with the latest technologies and ever improved functionality.  As the real estate industry evolves so too does the core of these template websites ensuring you have access to the latest real estate technology with a click of a mouse.

Each website while working within the template framework can have a unique look and feel with a custom designed home page that will best reflect your brand.  Similarly there is no limit to the number of pages that can be individually designed, developed and added to your website ensuring your brand is best conveyed to those reaching your website.

If you’re interested in moving to a Prop Data template website, contact our sales team for more information.