Connect with clients: 8 pros of human-powered live chat

Vector image showing a human and a robot arm wrestling
Vector image showing a human and a robot arm wrestling

Connect with clients: 8 pros of human-powered live chat

Your real estate clients don’t like to wait. When they visit your website, the race is on to convert them. Having the right support in place can help answer their burning questions, direct them to your listings and services, and get them a step closer to a sale. Adding a human-powered live chat service has become a no-brainer for smart real estate businesses.

What is human-powered live chat?

A human-powered live chat appears on your website as a chat window or box. A website visitor can use it to talk to a human representative in real-time using instant messaging. Through the conversation, the human representative helps the website visitor solve their problem or answer their query.

Human-powered live chat doesn’t rely on artificial intelligence software like chatbots. Instead, it makes use of the personalised content that comes with human-to-human interaction.

Benefits of human-powered live chat

In any business, customer support is crucial. No matter how impressive your listing or service selection is or how beautifully designed your website is, having good support makes the experience worthwhile. Human-powered live chat plays an important role in assisting clients on their journey. Plus, they have an edge over chatbots in many respects.

1. Live chat creates a connection: The human representative on the other side has the ability to express a wide range of emotions and, more importantly, understand them. If your client is concerned, angry, or frustrated, your live chat representative will understand this and revise their approach. Unlike chatbots, a live chat service understands nuance; they will know when a query needs a call or has to be directed to another person within your company.

2. Live chat solves complex queries: While chatbots can only provide answers they are trained for, live chat representatives can go beyond their knowledge of your products and services with a bit of research. They can even quickly collaborate with team members to provide the best response. Live chat is also able to pick up on typos, slang, and abbreviations in a way chatbots are unable to, making them get stuck or provide unhelpful answers.

3. Live chat feels personal: While live chat representatives are trained to provide specific answers, they can easily go off-script when necessary. Sometimes a query requires a level of creativity, judgement, or negotiation skills a chatbot can’t provide. A live chat service powered by a human shines in these cases.

4. Live chat has the trust factor: Because live chat has the human touch, people tend to trust it more than chatbots. It isn’t anonymous; knowing there’s an actual person helping with empathetic responses gives live chat the upper hand. The greater trust also improves the perception of your brand.

5. Live chat can evolve with your needs: Chatbots have to be programmed to understand how to react to specific questions and scenarios. Live chat representatives can actively learn about your business without being instructed to. If there’s a specific initiative, event, promo, etc. your business is involved in, a good live chat representative will get up to speed on this and be ready to tackle related questions.

6. Live chat helps you convert: Your live chat representatives catch clients in the middle of their purchasing decision. They can respond with the right information or direct clients to the right person or pages to help close a deal. This gives live chat an edge over other traditional marketing methods such as enquiry forms. You will find live chat leads are much warmer than other digital leads.

7. Live chat enhances your marketing ROI: Live chat helps you supercharge your web traffic conversion rate, lowering your cost of acquisition. This makes your marketing budget more effective.

8. Live chat gives you insight: Whether your prospects convert or not, live chat is a fantastic way to get insight from your website visitors. Your live chat representative can pass on valuable insights website visitors reveal about your brand which you can use to realign your marketing strategy accordingly.

There are plenty of live chat facility options available. However, CommVersion is a great choice for real estate businesses. Its trained agents work not just to assist clients but to turn them into qualified leads.

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