The critical role of website cyber security in a real estate business

A vector image depicting cloud security
A vector image depicting cloud security

The critical role of website cyber security in a real estate business

Your real estate website is a valuable tool to attract and close business. And as such, it can catch the attention of more than just buyers, sellers, renters, or landlords. Cyber threats are on the rise; a report by Accenture on digital safety revealed that the country contends with an average of 577 malware attacks per hour. There's no better time than the present to understand website cyber security dangers and how investing in a Prop Data website can give you peace of mind. 

Business websites that deal with transactions and personal details are high-risk targets for hackers. By planning ahead and putting features in place to prevent this, your real estate website will be safe from data breaches, revenue losses, privacy leaks and expensive PR clean-ups. 

Moving with the times: factoring in the rise of mobile use 

As society performs most of its functions from the technology-driven devices in the palm of our hands, searching for a home has become an almost exclusively online experience. That’s why mobile web design has to be responsive and always on the ball. Real estate companies need a true reflection of their progress reflected on both mobile and desktop platforms. Cyber security needs to enhance the best mobile website design possible, making the user feel safe and able to trust their information is not being compromised. 

A secure website for real estate businesses

When you enlist the professional services of Prop Data and let us develop your company website, you are ensuring secure online property listings, real estate website protection, and the ultimate cloud security for property databases. It is crucial to understand that real estate businesses face a higher level of cyber security risks and need to safeguard themselves against this. Real estate agencies deal with sensitive information online such as: 

  • Personal details
  • Financial information
  • Transactions and proof of payments 

This type of information is what skilled cybercriminals look for. Any business that works with financial institutions, the exchanging of money, and confidential information is targeted. This data can be extracted and used to commit fraud and other dangerous financial losses. 

Implementing cutting-edge technology for all our websites 

Prop Data has advanced computer security systems in place to ensure that all our client websites are built securely. By committing to best practices and utilising systems such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), we build websites that use the latest firewalls and cloud computing security. AWS is a huge global platform that is internationally recognised as the standard in website security integration. 

With a focus on providing optimised speed and security, your real estate business will greatly benefit from a Web Application Firewall (WAF) that we implement to protect websites from vulnerabilities. Some of these vulnerabilities may include breaching confidential information, transaction and financial details, and encrypted data. Online automated bots or users with malicious intent can crawl into unprotected websites and cause havoc. This can cause the website to become overwhelmed and crash or develop bugs. You can protect your database by choosing Prop Data’s expert web development and technical support team to create your company website. 

Locking in cyber security to protect verification 

When you use the internet and search for information or a specific website, the lock logo or sign you see next to a URL indicates that a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) is being used. This authenticates the website as the official business and helps online users feel secure and safe in browsing this site. This function ensures that hackers cannot gain access to the cryptography of a site and web users will be able to trust the website, feeling more comfortable to impart their personal details. 

Real estate websites have to prioritise safeguarding information 

Your real estate website is an avenue for your clients to have easy access to your tools and services. You must fulfil your obligations as a reliable organisation and provide authenticity, transparency and credibility to your clients through every interaction. Cyber security is therefore critical to retain existing clients and capture new ones. For the average computer user, it is also important to note that the latest versions of software updates protect your system from any other vulnerabilities and external bugs. It is vital to keep an eye on every aspect of protecting your website and the rest of your personal information private. 

Build a real estate website you can rely on 

As a valued Prop Data Client you can choose to design your real estate website with us. With every concern taken into account, style guides adhered to and the best firewall protection and encryption security around, you will receive a globally recognised cyber-safe website. 

You and your clients deserve the ultimate secure site to conduct business and keep your transactions safe. Prop Data ensures that with our technologically advanced systems, you can rest assured that you will receive a secure website domain, a technical team at your disposal to fix issues, and a strong server firewall. Our team of experts are waiting to revolutionise your real estate website security and amplify the credibility of your business today.