Real Estate Mobile Marketing Options

mobile phone with text and app linking
mobile phone with text and app linking

Real Estate Mobile Marketing Options

People want information and services and they want it on the go. Mobile devices now make up over 50% of total website traffic, making mobi sites an essential tool for promoting your real estate business and ultimately generating high-quality leads. If your real estate website is already optimized for smartphones and other mobile devices and you’re providing buyers and tenants with a truly mobile property search experience, you are not quite done yet. You still need to put the “mobile” into your website marketing mix.

Mobile friendly or not, a website offers little or no value to your real estate business unless it can be found when and where a buyer, seller, landlord or tenant is looking for a property or estate agency online. Therefore it is vital to promote your website and ensure that all your online marketing efforts are mobile friendly too.

Search Engine Optimisation

Google is dedicated to offering users highly relevant search results as well as a great user experience. Therefore, Google provides mobile searchers with results that are both related and optimised for their mobile devices. Websites that are tailored specifically for mobile users, are given preference in Google’s mobile search results and rank higher. 

Paid Search Advertising

Features within a Google AdWords account benefits marketers by ensuring that their ads are effectively optimised for mobile devices. Google Ads can be directed to a mobile friendly landing page, which reduces bounce rates and improves conversion rates. "Call Now" extensions on mobile ads, allow mobile users to directly make a telephone enquiry from the Google Ad. 

Display Advertising

Display advertising is an opportunity to employ imagery, text, colour and animation to captivate the attention of users, create brand awareness and ultimately drive high-quality traffic to your website. There are a variety of ad formats such as, text, image, video, or rich media formats that can appear on the display network. So don’t forget to use mobile ad formats within the set of display ads to ensure that your banner ads are successfully displayed on mobile devices.


Property Email Alerts, Email Newsletters and Promotional Emails are effective forms of direct marketing and with more and more users opening emails on their mobile devices, mobile-friendly email templates are essential to a successful email marketing campaign. You need to ensure that all email communications are accessible to your audience, and are being designed and developed to be alluring across every mobile device. Ultimately this will encourage your mailing list subscribers to engage with your content and hopefully drive traffic back to your mobile site.


So just having a mobile site is no longer enough to reach, engage and convert your mobile audience into high-quality leads. You need to ensure that you put the “mobile” into every element of your website marketing mix.