You've got 30 seconds: make that real estate elevator pitch count

Estate agent making an elevator pitch to a potential client
Estate agent making an elevator pitch to a potential client

You've got 30 seconds: make that real estate elevator pitch count

Being able to walk the walk and talk the talk is a skill that all property practitioners learn to master over time. The best real estate knowledge comes from years of hands-on experience, coupled with an enthusiastic attitude. Tried and tested advice only comes from those in the know. Read on to discover how to make the most of your inside knowledge as a real estate professional and secure a new client list with your bold elevator pitch.

An essential part of real estate marketing 

Real estate professionals deal with a dynamic and competitive business environment. It is a market filled with different opportunities and challenges. To stand out from the crowd, you need to employ memorable tactics to seal the deal. With a compelling elevator pitch, you can grab the attention of potential clients who are looking to invest in prime real estate, new homeowners, or even future partners who want to collaborate in business with you. 

Craft your pitch to perfection

Since an elevator pitch is meant to be short and sweet, here are some pointers for you to follow to keep it as concise as can be: 

  • Begin with your area of expertise in the introduction
  • Mention noteworthy achievements or accolades
  • Highlight why you consistently get chosen over your competitors
  • Show the value you bring to the table with your experience and knowledge
  • Define how you can help them realise their real estate goals

By employing this strategy, you are devising a foolproof technique for identifying an effective real estate sales technique. You can use this approach to summarise your strengths in a strong, confident manner that will help cement your credibility to those listening. This is where you establish your personal branding for real estate agents. It is a bonus if you have a physical card to hand out with your company name, social media handles, especially LinkedIn, and contact details, as this will help your client base organically grow in the online space as well. 

Methods of canvassing in a digital age

Having a real estate elevator pitch that translates well across channels is always a good idea. Whether you are cold-calling businesses or residents, you should have a professional online presence for your clients to refer to. Set up a social media page such as Facebook or Instagram and ensure you update it regularly to drive engagement. 

When pitching face-to-face, you should listen as much as you speak. Take pauses for questions amidst your pitch and be ready to provide as much information to your client’s request as possible. This will indicate respect for their interest on your part and show your willingness to go the extra mile. In the digital age, displaying your elevator pitch through online channels is a must. Develop a professional, engaging video that highlights your must-have pitch points and be as personable and confident as you would be in person. These videos can be shared on platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and turned into a method of marketing that will extend your reach far beyond the face-to-face pitch. 

Grow your business with your pitch

Your company’s real estate branding ideas need to be unique enough to set you apart and gain you traction online and by word of mouth. However, by honing your customer relationship management skills in real estate, you can secure clients who will keep returning. This client retention skill is a must-have for creating a network and database of clients who trust your professionalism and recommend you to others. 

The audience you manage to capture will be impressed by your vision and ability to forecast potentially sound financial investments in real estate, or help them sell a property where they don’t know where to begin. Your elevator pitch is important. It should be used as leverage for potential investors to realise how valuable a memorable pitch can be in business. By selling your pitch, you position your brand to become a major player in the real estate world. A competitive elevator pitch will provide you with an advantage over other property practitioners in the area and seal those star ratings for your business. 

Brush up on your local area knowledge 

A property practitioner who knows the hot locations and appeal of different communities and suburbs in their city will be sought out by clients. By researching the real estate market in your area, you will be able to talk demographics, security information, the latest developments in up-and-coming amenities in the area and more at the drop of a hat. By displaying a wealth of local expertise, you can field important queries with ease. Including this in your elevator pitch will ensure that you get leads while building a rapport with current and future residents. 

The best property practitioners are enthusiastic about what they do and this comes across in how much they know about identifying their clients' concerns and providing solutions. If you are ready to discuss any real estate topic, from how the property prices are doing in your area to when is the best time to sell, you are bound to be on the receiving end of many client testimonials and success stories. This all adds to your credibility and makes you a relevant property practitioner with a major competitive advantage. 

Make your mark in the market with ease 

Just as an elevator pitch can serve you well when canvassing, you can also have another secret weapon at your disposal. Prop Data’s Canvassing Module empowers you to canvass homeowners based on their propensity to sell using AI modelling and Lightstone’s enriched data sets collected over many years. You can receive POPIA-compliant mandates in no time.