Benefits of a Prop Data Mobile Website

mobile phone with icons on screen
mobile phone with icons on screen

Benefits of a Prop Data Mobile Website

Websites that have been specifically designed for mobile devices often include different functionality from those designed for stationary, or desktop, machines. This can at times be due to limitations of the device at other times they can offer additional functionality that isn't available on other devices.

Mobile visitors, the fastest growing audience, are often restricted in how they might interact with a website due to a lack of physical keyboard and mouse. We recently covered the issue of how mobile users operate differently to desktop users, requiring a different user experience.  Mobile devices are by their nature moveable and as such interact better with location based options or more traditional means of communication.

Prop Data's new Mobi Sites were specifically designed with this in mind and include the following key features:

Call Agent:
With the touch of a button, you can go from viewing a listing to calling an agent on a specific listing. This seamless interaction between browsing a website to making a call bypasses the need to record the information allowing swifter and yet easier interaction from a visitor.

Add to Contacts:
No need to write a number down, you simply tap a button and download a virtual business card to your phone. You can save the full set of contact details for later use or immediately give the agent a call or send them an email.

Properties Near Me:
The ability to search for results near you is just a button away. By being able to transmit your current location to the system you are returned a list of results that are within a specific range. You can easily find a list of properties located near your current location enabling you to search for a new home in a neighbourhood you might already reside or one you might be passing through and feel an affinity toward.

Found the property that you like? Give the listing agent a call or add them to your contacts. If you’re already on the go, get directions to the agents' office including distance and travelling time through integrated Google Maps.

On Show Properties Near Me:
As with the option of “properties near me” search, on show properties can also be returned very quickly to a searcher. This allows those on the move on a show day to hop from show house to show house quickly identifying those close to them while also getting directions, distance and travelling time from their current location.

If you were searching for properties before the show day, you can add listings to your calendar which will then remind you later. The full address and viewing times are instantly downloaded and saved.

Branch Near Me:
Branches that have been mapped will help you quickly find directions from where you are to their exact location. The branch near me search is also the quickest way for a visitor on a mobile website to locate the most relevant branch to them. Not sure what the office may look like? Using Google’s Street View you’ll know exactly which door to be knocking on.

From this page you can quickly search for listings that have been added by that branch.  Alternatively if you’d like to simply contact the branch for further information or have something specific in mind, you can either call the branch directly from the page or store their contact details for use at a later date.

For a more personal touch the branch manager's details are included along with the branches contact details. This enhances the social aspect that we’ve come to expect from the mobile web.

Mobile screens are smaller which makes imagery that much more important. Mobile websites should therefore resize and display images in their best resolutions for the various screen sizes. Having a good set of images for a listing goes a long way to prompting a mobile enquiry. While listings on a mobile website may contain all of the same information, it is returned differently. Images catch the eye by being seen in their entirety and as large as possible. 

Mobile web users use the internet differently to those who access it from a desktop machine.  By ensuring you make the most of the functionality available on a mobile website you’ll be able to offer an experience aimed at a mobile visitor.

By ensuring all relevant data is both present and accurate on a mobile device, a visitor to a mobile website can have a truly exceptional experience where both the website owner and visitor can both benefit.